Hillbilly Mushroom Strain


Our staff has reported higher-than-average potency with a good balance of visuals and spiritual experience. Enjoy this hillbilly mushroom strain for an insightful journey or with friends for a good party.

Dosage Guide

* Micro: 0.25 gram
* Low: 0.25 – 1 gram
* Medium: 1 – 2 gram
* Strong: 2.5 – 5 gram
* Heavy: 5 grams and upwards


Hillbilly Mushroom Strain

Deep in the heart of the American South, hillbillies mushroom strain spores amongst the hot, moist hills. Hillbilly Cubensis hails from Arkansas, an influential participant of the Cubensis fungi household hillbilly mushroom strain. It approaches various other relatives to grow magic mushrooms at home, like Golden Teachers and Amazonians.

This hillbillies mushrooms strain can now be located and expanding naturally on five different continents hillbilly shroom strain.

Hillbillys have a distinctive Cubensis look, Cambodian Cubensis pes amazonian. Their caps are more minor and shallow. Contact Us, with a distinct orange coloring throughout. The stalk of the Hillbilly is a bit smaller in diameter than the cap hillbillies mushrooms. It starts thicker at the branch’s top near the lid and tapers closer to the base of the Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms inoculated jars.

This hillbilly magic mushroom grower is a terrific all-around hillbilly mushroom recipe for beginners and intermediate shroomers.


Individuals who utilize Hillbilly shrooms experience intense ecstasy and also visuals. Like being ready to harvest all psilocybin mushrooms, the Hillbilly Cubensis may send a user on an effective psychedelic trip. These trips generally begin in 30-60 mins with relatively benign yawning fits, frequently followed by huge smiles and bouts of giggling.

Peak impacts occur after an hr and can last as long as six or more hrs, Cap Up Chocolate. Some individuals might experience modifications in how they view time and an aesthetic hallucination.

Six key differences make strains unique:

  1. Hillbilly magic Mushrooms size — some strains have a higher affinity for growing into monster hillbillies mushrooms; Others are more likely to produce smaller, stubby mushrooms instead.
  2. Cap color — hillbilly strain mushroom caps can range from white (albinos) to tan to dark brown or black.
  3. Gill production — some strains, like Penis Envy, barely produce any exposed gills Flow State Mushrooms.
  4. Flush vitality — most strains will survive long enough for around 3 or 4 flushes, but some have the stamina to continue pushing out hillbilly pumpkin shrooms for ten blooms.
  5. Colonization speed — the colonization time will vary slightly in olive oil, but some strains will fully colonize spawn jars up to 20% faster.
  6. Resistance to infection—contamination is the most significant cause of failure when growing magic mushrooms. Some strains are more susceptible to mold and bacteria than others.

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1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound


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