Cambodian Cubensis


Growing Cambodian Cubensis

Cambodian is one of the fastest-growing strains available. Colonization time can be as short as seven days. Total time from inoculation to harvest can be as little as 25 days.

Like most (not all) strains, Cambodian does well on all the common substrate types, in all common growing methods—PF Tek, Monotub, Shotgun, or whatever else.

Dung as a substrates do produce larger mushrooms, while grain produces smaller but more numerous fruits.

The unusual feature is that Cambodian likes heat, doing well, and perhaps even preferring, temperatures higher than most other P. cubensis strains will tolerate.

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Cambodian Cubensis

P.cubensis may be the most popular hallucinogenic mushroom in the world. It’s what’s usually meant by phrases like “magic mushrooms” and “shrooms,” and its pale brown caps and webby partial veil grace much trip-inspired art.

There are other active mushrooms—dozens of other Psilocybes, plus some Amanitas (these contain moscimol, rather than psilocybin, and therefore produce very different effects)–but P. cubensis grows wild almost world-wide and has been developed into many cultivated strains.

The Behavior of This Cambodian Cubensis in The Wild

The Cambodian psilocybin mushroom strain has several unique and desirable features that make its spores a real pleasure to work with in the lab and to study. In nature, this fungi is an extremely fast colonizer—its mycelial mat will grow very quickly under the right natural conditions.

Is it getting hot in here? Since the region of Cambodia where Angkor Wat is found tends to be very warm, this fungi tends to do quite well in wilderness settings where the temperature runs a bit higher than usual. Mycologists have observed this strain in natural settings where huge flushes were not uncommon, even in a variety of substrates and terrain.

What’s the Study Experience Like When You Put Cambodian Spores Under the Microscope?

Cambodian spores are world-renowned for their mild visual appearance on the microscope slide. What amateur microscopists enjoy the most about this particular strain is that it tends to be so fun to study that they can’t help but feel energetic and creative.

Beginners will find that the lab work required with this Cambodian cubensis strain isn’t as demanding as other strains, largely thanks in part to its contaminant-resistant properties.

Getting the slide into your microscope should be an easy and fast process, comparatively.


Cambodian is often spoken of as a very potent strain, but its high is relatively mellow, with only slight visuals and not much body buzz.

it does have a lot of energy (users may find themselves suddenly inspired to clean the whole house, in addition to more creative forms of inspiration) and the effects last a very long time.


It’s possible to calculate a rough estimate for P. cubensis dosage from the user’s weight, the condition of the mushroom (fresh or dried), and the kind of experience the user is looking for (intense, mild, microdose, and so forth).

Since Cambodian is reported to be on the more potent side, its doses would be slightly smaller than the calculated estimate. But the result is still just a starting point. Even with a strain, potency can vary, and not everybody has the same biochemical sensitivity to psilocybin, either.

Some degree of trial-and-error is a good idea, especially with microdosing, where small differences could have important results.

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