Where to buy psilocybin mushroom

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How to buy psilocybin mushrooms? Explore our products, and where to buy psilocybin mushrooms online. Find your correct dosage, and place your order online. Orders that are placed before 8 pm EST offer same-day delivery. All orders must be delivered to your home or business, or an agreed-upon location worldwide.

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Once your order is placed, how to buy psilocybin mushrooms we will contact you by email about your delivery and estimated delivery time. Drivers practice safe sanitation and delivery. Delivery is free for all orders $200 and up. For all other orders, delivery is just $30 and delivered to you the same day or Express for outstate or international. *must order before 8 pm EST for same-day delivery *

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Here at Dream Home Psychedelic Shrooms, where to buy psilocybin mushrooms. We give you safe access to medicinal and active mushrooms that have long been unavailable and inaccessible! 

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