Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar




Trippy Flip THC + Shroom 🍫
3500mg Psilocybin x 500mg THC

– $20 single
– $19 50+
– $18 100+
– $17 250+
– $16 500+
– $15 1000+


1-3 pieces = Microdose***

3-7 pieces = Therapeutic Dose

8-12 pieces = Wonderland!


Trippy flip milk chocolate bar for sale

Furthermore, the Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar contains a thin sheet of milk chocolate wrapped around a thin sheet of crispy Waffel. Easily accessible to all, Trippy has no less than three tastes in one bite: delicious milk chocolate, waffle, and the one-of-a-kind trippy taste that originates from the uniquely split framework. Each bite will disclose new preferences and structures, as the thin sheets differ with each nibble, making it an exciting trip for all five senses.

Each of these shroom bars includes twelve items of chocolate with an average weight of 290 mg for every piece (3.5 g complete bar). The precise weight dimension permits you to eat the specific correct dosage of Psilocybin in the form of delicious chocolate, without the sandy preference.

trippy flip milk chocolate
trippy flip milk chocolate


trippy flip milk chocolate bar

Most definitely, the Trippy flip milk chocolate bar is Made from really top-quality psilocybin extract. Cannabis, premium milk delicious chocolate and developed to permit you to go into the orbits of the blissful universes with zero cannabis. Shroom aftertaste! Whether your reason is to microdose the brand-new trend while staying relaxed. Also, to access flow states or raise the curtains to see paradise. Furthermore Trippy flip milk chocolate bar for sale, as well as to Psilocybin, infused chocolates, are the vessels!

Results. Furthermore, the Trippy flip milk chocolate bar may consist of (yet is not restricted to) sensory and also emotional effects. Similar to any psychedelic. Set as well as setting is vital to your trip experience.

Sensory: Furthermore, Visual & acoustic hallucinations are adhered to by altered assumptions of time, area, and place. Leaving you in a transformed mindset. Ego dissolution at high dosage.

Psychological: Sense of giddiness or humor, modifications in understanding as well as point of view, psychological catharsis, as well a feeling of connectedness. May beginning modifications in mood such as ecstasy and hurries of revelations.

Incorporating Psilocybin and cannabis can produce an intensely psychedelic high, creating visuals and body feelings. Cannabis’s relaxing impacts can smooth out the quick lift-off of a mushroom journey. Nevertheless, Maintaining you is more kicked back during the early stages of the high.

Moreover, some think that consuming marijuana can bring about a much more intense height. As well as can also keep you a lot more relaxed throughout the come-down stage. These Washington DC handcrafted psilocybin and cannabis-infused chocolates are the ideal confectionaries. To rocket you to outer reaches of the universe.”


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