high c thc drink 600mg


High-C 600mg THC Drink:
📍Minimum 20 units
-$12 x100
-$10 x300
-$8 x500
High-C (nano infused fruit drink)-$8 📍/ $10 📦✈️


Buy high c thc drink 600mg

600 mg of THC is an incredible amount of THC. I have seen edibles that go up to 1000 mg in one brownie at a dispensary before they changed the laws. To put this in retrospect, a beginner to cannabis only needs around 10–20 mg depending on their size to feel the effects. A more experienced user might eat around 100 mg and they would definitely be stoned. I’ve eaten around 250 mg of brownie one time and I am an experienced user I couldn’t walk and be throwing up. Remember, you can always eat more but you can never eat less. Start low and work your way up to be safe.



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